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AD: Christmas Movies I Love

AD: Christmas Movies I Love

I love a good Christmas movie, well not even a good one, I also really love the terrible Hallmark straight to TV movies, basically if it’s a Christmas movie I will watch it.

I don’t watch a huge amount of TV, I tend to watch YouTube or Netflix but when December comes around you will very often find me on the sofa in front of the box, well I say box, many moons ago TV’s were boxes, your picture was produced by way of a tube and remotes just didn’t exist! You actually had to walk across the room and press a button, dun dun dun!

Now however you have flat screen LED televisions like the 4k led tv Panasonic I have this one at home, Hubby and I bought it in August 2017 when we moved house. We wanted a bigger TV, we used to have a 40inch Samsung Plasma, I found the Panasonic one online and we bought it, the picture is stunning and I have direct Apps to Netflix, YouTube and Prime among others, to be honest I don’t know half of the things this new TV does yet.

There is nothing quite like sitting down on a chilly December day, setting the open fire and either turning the sky box to Movies 24, or searching through the movies available on other channels, and just watching all the Christmas cheer.

I’m not a big fan of sad Christmas movies, I want happiness and cheer, I want to know that everything will be alright in the end and so, below is a list of the movies I love over the festive period and movies that I watch each and every year, and occasionally in July.

Disclaimer: the links below direct you to Amazon items, these are affiliate links, meaning that, at no extra cost to you I may receive a commission.

  The Santa Clause 1,2&3

Arthur Christmas

 The Muppet Christmas Carol

 Love Actually

 Christmas with the Kranks

The Family Stone


 White Christmas

 Die Hard


My go to channel for cheesy Christmas movies is Movies24, or Christmas24 as it currently is, there is a full list of their movies here

Let me know what your favourite Christmas movie is in the comments below.

See Ya!


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  1. I also love watching Christmas movies. There are a lot of great ones listed here. I really enjoy watching Arthur Christmas, such a great movie!

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