Learning to draw

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Well, a more accurate description would be learning to draw again.

I used to draw when I was a teenager but I always find it irritating, mainly because of school art class.

You had to have inspiration, mood boards blah blah blah. I couldn’t just draw what was in my head, I never understood that when I was younger.

So I haven’t drawn for a long time until now. I’ve started drawing a lot. Mainly hogwarts related ink drawings to give as Christmas presents. My entire family and most of my friends are Harry Potter obsessed. But I’ve also rediscovered how relaxing it is.

I find a lot of my inspiration through my favourite films, books and pinterest and I now understand what my art teachers were telling me!

I can interpret what I see and find and enjoy but the idea has come from somewhere, something.

When I find something I enjoy I tend to do it a lot until it eventually become a something I do along with all of the other hobbies I have, so if you follow my Instagram prepare for more art spam until I’m no longer obsessed.

See Ya!


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