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Growing up in the 80’s # 9

Growing up in the 80’s # 9

I have only been abroad 3 times in my life. Once when I was 2 which I can’t remember, once when I was 12 and mum and dad took us to Spain and once when I was 18 when we went to Portugal. All of our other holidays were spent in the UK.

We had a lot of holidays in Bude, Cornwall and I have some great memories of them. I don’t know how many times we went but it was quite a few.

We used to go to a farm which had upside down houses, which we thought were magical and very exciting. Not surprisingly the bedrooms were downstairs and the livingroom and kitchen upstairs.

On a  few of these holidays my Grandma and Grandpa came too but they brought their caravan. My Grandma and Grandpa’s caravan was one of the best things and I have so many memories of it.

They usually went to Cartmel in the Lake District, again to a farm which had a caravan site in one of it’s fields. They took the grandchildren with them a couple of times but more often we would visit them for the day rather than stay over.

Until I was about 10 the caravan site was home to a horse called Torver. Torver wasn’t fenced in or stabled, he was free range among the caravans. He was such a gentle horse and never bothered anyone.

On one of the occasions were Grandma and Grandpa had taken us with them I remember waking up very early in the morning, just before dawn as I’d heard something outside the caravan.

Little sister wasn’t about so I must only have been 5 and big sister 7. We opened the window next to our bed and there was Torver. So at 5 and 7 we were delighted, petting his head whilst lying in bed.

We then had the best idea ever. We would give Torver some of Grandma’s sugar lumps (yes my Grandma used sugar lumps). Oh my goodness what fun we had feeding all of the sugar lumps to him, in reality it was probably only a couple before Grandpa woke up and we stopped, but in true childhood memory mode we fed him 100!

I have so many memories of visiting Cartmel, I even remember when Sticky Toffee Pudding came in a small plastic carton and was sold out of the post office.

I’m sure I will get round to telling you more holiday tales at some point, I’m off to find pictures of Torver now and smile.

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  1. I love reading your 80s stuff, we didn’t have a caravan but I have great memories of simple chalet holidays,! We used to feed horses sugar lumps too, actually we used to eat them ourselves when we went to the Wimpy or similar!

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