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Ugly Statues

Ugly Statues

Is this the ugliest statue or what?

This thing was passed down from my great grandma, to my grandma and now my dad.

It used to live in a light alcove at my Grandma’s house, on display, *shudders*.

It’s one of those statues that gets you a cuff round the back of the head if you touch it.

I hate it, I think it is the ugliest thing but, Dad loves it, like loves it.

I keep threatening to “accidentally” knock it off the windowsill or off the back of the van, you know, one of those accidents.

Little sister also likes it so she is next in line to receive it in the family, good luck to ya, it may not make it in one piece.

See Ya!


7 thoughts on “Ugly Statues

  1. I don’t think it’s ugly compared with some modern sculpture or old pieces like work from the 1950s? It might be worth looking for a signature or a backstamp (printed name on the bottom). You never know it might be an important piece.

  2. It’s a good job you don’t like it or you and your sister would be fighting over it! When I left my job, my manager bought me a horse ornament. My colleagues all told me what she’d got and apologised for how hideous it was before it was presented to me but when I saw it, I loved it! We can’t all like the same things I suppose!

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