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Moving to Scotland #3 – Travelling

Moving to Scotland #3 – Travelling

Moving 170 miles is no easy feat.

Mum and dad paid for movers to take all of our belongings but we had a number of pets when we moved and 6 people living in our house.

A few weeks before moving day mum and dad had been in a pile up on the M6 and dads car was written off, that left us with mums G reg Fiat Panda and a rental car.

So on the morning of moving day we started to pack all of the family into the 2 vehicles. Dad, little sister, big sister and Nana went into the escort with the remaining luggage, which left me, mum, 1 dog, 4 ferrets, 2 rats, 2 guinea-pigs and a few other bits and bobs in the Panda.

Keep in mind that this was 1995. Dad handed me and mum a phone, he had the car phone and gave us the mobile so that we could stay in contact on the motorway for breaks etc.

Once everything and everyone were packed into the cars we set off. Now our old dog, Jay, who was a jack russel crossed with a lab, used to get very car sick, mum and dad had given him some sickness pills from the vets so that we didn’t have to clean up vomit on route but he also hated being in the car and spent the entire journey cowering at my feet.

We had separated the guinea-pigs and rats from the ferrets with a barrier of towels and other soft household items, hoping to lessen the stress on the poor pigs by being couped up in a tiny car with 4 ferrets an a dogs, all of which would eat them within a second.

The pigs didn’t actually seem to care, they just hid and munched carrots and hay the whole journey. Our rats, Giles and June were OK too, a little fidgety but fine, Giles was very used to people and strange situations, literally living in my bedroom practically free range and going everywhere on my shoulder the car ride didn’t bother him in the slightest.

The ferrets however were very uptight. We had 3 females, Molly, Maud and Cesily and 1 male Basil, he was mine, he was also a champion ferret and Mauds son, just sayin, prize winning you know.

They moved around the whole journey. Our ferrets were pretty clever and had previously escaped from the cage at home, they lived outside in a large converted rabbit hutch and one day escaped to run riot up and down our street, dad literally rounded them up in a bucket and brought them home, FYI this was the females, not basil, he was asleep.

Well about half way the mobile phone rang, not having had a mobile in the family for long neither mum or I knew how to answer it, we both just started pushing buttons and shouting and of course caused more car chaos, then we smelt it, ferret poo.

One of the girls had stuck her bum out of the door of the carrier and pooped, all over mums dressing grown (part of the padding barrier), hmmm lovely.

We did eventually figure out how to answer the bloody phone, you pressed the green phone button, and we pulled in at the next services to meet everyone for a break, and a poo clean up, nice.

And so, with the scent of ferret poo in the air, we continued our journey to Scotland.

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