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How many December birthdays can you get?

How many December birthdays can you get?

Seriously? Birthdays in December should be banned. I have 4 but I used to have 6!

My hubby and sister in law have the same birthday, this also used to be shared by my dads late partner, a week later is my Aunts birthday and then 4 days after Christmas is my best friends boy!

My grandpa’s birthday was also in December on the 30th, he would have been 92 this year.

My mother in laws birthday is at the end of November as well so almost frickin December.

They should be banned, anyone thinking of conceiving a child please do it before April or after June, you’re all banned from having sex during April and May.

Oh well, time to get the present buying organised, I have no idea what to get anyone for birthdays, I think I’ve exhausted all my ideas on Christmas.

See Ya!


4 thoughts on “How many December birthdays can you get?

  1. I’m almost scared to admit that my birthday is in December 😳 and so was my grandmas! My dads is in November and my mums friend is the beginning of January so mum has a similar problem to you! I can see how having so many birthdays at the same time could be annoying, with Christmas thrown in there too!

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