So Dad… #2

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Bought a boat.

Yep, he bought a sailing boat and no, he doesn’t know how to sail.

He wants to learn and he found this boat online and decided to buy it. There are a few small Lochs in Dumfries and Galloway so he can sail it once he knows how.

Dad really likes boats. When he bought his house he had many fanciful ideas of designing the interior like a yacht, his tablet is full of boat pictures, interior and exterior.

This is all part of dads ‘life is too short’ attitude. After the health scares that dads had I don’t blame him but i do role my eyes, a lot.

He bought the boat in June, or maybe July I can’t remember and it’s now locked up in a plane hanger for the winter as the frost and ice will ruin it if it should get to it, feel free to eye role with me.

I don’t doubt that he will learn to sail eventually, probably next year when the weather warms up, or maybe in 2020 or 2021, who knows, but at least he can say he owns a boat.

See Ya!


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