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A few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things

I have a lot of things I love, this post was going to be something different but I have no internet at the moment so I’m writing this on my phone, which is a little tricky, so I thought for ease I’d give you a list!

1. Tea – I love tea, I live off the stuff, nice strong builders with lots of milk, just fyi if I ever come to visit.

2. Animals – pretty much all of them and I usually prefer animals to humans.

3. Making things – I know I don’t often talk about how much I love making things…

4. Edinburgh – my favourite city, I got married there and one of mine and hubbys first holidays was in Edinburgh.

5. Museums – I love museums, don’t care what’s in them I’ll go have a look.

6. Autumn – need I say more?

7. Witchcraft – I am fascinated by it, I love the ethos of it and working with nature and the seasons, plus they celebrate all the changes of the year!

8. My friends – I have a few very close friends and they are my favourite people other than my family.

9. Biscuits – I have a very unhealthy love of biscuits, and the plainer the better, a good digestive or rich tea, yum.

10. My family – my family isn’t big but they are amazing, we’re all slightly crazy and we all love each other, barf.

Well that’s that, short and sweet the easiest type of post to write on your phone.

See Ya!


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