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Home Decor

Home Decor

I really like DIY. I love organising and making things fresh.

I’ve helped dad with his house renovation and helped mum with decorating and organising her house and garage, I decorate our house every 2 yearsish I love it so much.

We decorated our house last year when we moved in. We didn’t paint everything, just the living room, kitchen and bedroom at first. Over the last year I’ve decorated our spare room and my office and since I did those, the rest of the house looks a bit drab.

So, i kinda have the DIY bug again but I don’t know what to do. I do know I want to build some shelves in our bedroom but other than that, I’m stuck.

I am limited to using certain colours in our house as Hubby is a bit fussy, he doesn’t like green for example but I love green!

My home office is primarily grey with bright colour splashes and lots of pictures on the walls but the rest of the house is light and bright and peaceful, I do like it but I’ve become bored of the colours.

It’s not so much wall colours, they’re pretty much white or cream, it’s the accent colours. That also makes it much easier to change them and not as time consuming as it would be to re-paint everything.

I am however one of those people who can’t do a little bit at a time, id i’m going to re-decorate I want to have everything I’m going to change ready to go and all the new things ready to be put in place.

This is fine, I just buy things over time but I can’t decide what colours to use.

Our bedroom is currently grey and dusty pink, I’d like to change to black but hubby doesn’t like black. We’ve had purple and gold before so I don’t want to do those, green and blue are off the list and our furniture is grey, not a huge problem as everything goes with grey but I just can’t decide.

Every time I go into a shop or look on Pinterest I find loads of things and ideas that I love but there all colours hubby doesn’t like, frustrating.

I shall just have to keep looking. I do have many DIY and craft projects to be getting on with given my home made Christmas presents but I’ve also now got a bee in my bonnet about the house, grrr.

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