Favourite Bloggers part 3

Part one and part two of my favourite bloggers would have been ridiculously long had a tied to fit everyone in so here is the third installment for you all. These blogs are some of my favourite and all cover different topics.

travelswiththomosaurus.com – Thomas blogs about travel, photography and media content. I have a camera query – Thomas, wanna find out about travel in the UK as well as abroad – Thomas, wanna look at cool filming locations – Thomas!

quietstormsession.com – Quietstorm covers lots of things over on her blog but one thing I love are her vegetarian recipes. I’m not veggie but I really like veggie food!

ellegoesglobal.co.uk – Elle is the nicest person you’ll ever meet in your life and her amazing travel blog is delightful. Elle covers food, health, and travel in and outside the UK.

insecurehousewife.com – Sarah’s blog is about life in Canada, her home life as well as what it’s like to live in Canada. I love her home organisation posts and her garden updates, it’s such easy reading and a must on a Sunday afternoon.

Katedaysaweek.be – Kate is my go to blogger for makeup. Anything makeup or skincare related and I’m on Kates’ site. She provides the most concise reviews and advice and is incredibly honest about products.

Enjoy these other amazing people!

See Ya!




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