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Garden Update

Garden Update

The last time I wrote about my garden was January of this year, 10 months ago!

As you may know we moved house last August so the garden is only just a year old. Before then it was basically a field, no lawn, borders etc, nothing.

We now have borders and lawn and a patio, tree’s, plants, shrubs etc. It actually looks like a garden.

Our old garden was smaller than this one and we had much more in the way of plants and borders and things in it, we also used to have a poly-tunnel and a veg-plot. But as my physical health has deteriorated I’ve had to simplify the garden.

I’ve planted a small orchard of fruit trees in one corner and we’re allowing the ground underneath to go wild with grasses and flowers. I’ve planted a native hedge along the long side of the lawn, created a patio near the house with an outdoor fire and lots of pots and plants which enjoy creeping along the ground and over stones.

Along the new fence and wall there’s a long border and some climbers and in front of the fence is a rockery area.

I’m quite sure over winter this year I will add more borders and variety to the garden but it’s come along well in a year. We do have lots of interesting areas in the garden already, particularly in the front.

There’s an old stone wall and a burn (or stream if your not in Scotland), I have grand plans for the burn, defining the edges slightly more with rocks from the fallen wall and planting native bog plants, ooh it’s exciting.

By reducing the amount of work in the garden I find that I can really keep on top of what we do have and I don’t get stressed about the number of jobs which need doing.

It has taken some getting used to, it’s not easy to admit that you can’t do something anymore but I have and it’s good. So now we’re into October I can start doing the heavier landscaping which needs to be done in preparation for the planting.

This winters landscaping will be the burn, lots of stone and bog plants, wildflowers etc, I really want to make it a feature and create some small pools in it so that it never fully drys in summer, this year was so hot it was as dry as a bone and that’s no good for the wildlife.

I will try to remember and update on the garden before next August but no promises.

See ya!


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