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Fish Tanks

Fish Tanks

I have two fish tanks, yep two. I have a coldwater tank with my goldfish and a tropical tank.

I love watching my fish. All my goldfish have names, George, Mildred, Rodney and Maud, they also live with a weather loach called Nigel.

My tropical fish don’t have names, there are too many of them LOL, I also have shrimp in my tropical tank which I love. I love watching them tootling about the tank, my amano shrimp clean all the static objects and my wood shrimp clean the water.

The fish do need cleaning but it isn’t much, a weekly water change and filter clean and that’s it, once every couple of months I take all the ornaments out and give them a good scrub.

So for someone with mobility issues fish are ideal. I’ve always loved animals and I’ve always had a lot of them but I’m just not capable of doing to work required for lots of them now.

My fish allow me to still have lots of different pets but without the physical effort, plus their very soothing to watch. I can sit and watch them for hours, hubby thinks I’m nuts.

I also talk to my fish, more so my goldfish as they interact with me. Rodney for example will come to the glass and follow me, George will swim around and rub on my arm when I’m cleaning out the tank, they are just as much fun as other, small furry animals.

What I would like to graduate to is a saltwater tank. Imagine the beautiful corals you could grow! Again, I would prefer corals and shrimp  and crabs etc rather than fish, I just find them more interesting. Saltwater tanks though need a lot of specialist knowledge and care and that’s something I don’t have yet, but watch this space!

See Ya!

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4 thoughts on “Fish Tanks

  1. Great tank picture! How old are your fish? My last pet was a goldfish… He was the last one I had that died suddenly. I don’t think I will have any more. The tank upkeep is hard when I was the only one in my household doing it lol.

    1. My goldfish are 2 years old, all of my tropical fish are under 6 months, we had a powercut a few weeks back and lots of the fish didn’t make it through

  2. As someone who has been tending to an aquarium for almost 20yrs, the salt water upgrade scares me. It takes so much money to set up, and can be all lost so quickly. In my tropical tank, ATM, are 2 tinfoil barbs (8yrs old), a pleco (13 yrs old), and a bunch of newbs – 4 snails, 6 glowfish skirt tailed tetras, 6 Odessa’s, and a loach.

    1. Oooh how great! I have 5 black tetras, 4 black shadows, 3 platys, 3 amano shrimp, 2 wood shrimp and assassin snails, I need to keep this lot alive before I look at salt water but that’s the aim

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