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Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1

Yeah, so, me and little sister have a slight obsession with Stargate SG-1. Little sister can literally quote certain episodes word for word.

As you may be aware I love Sci-Fi and fantasy and SG-1 is one of those Sci-Fi series which was incredibly entertaining and for the most part funny.

We watched the series when I was originally released, all 10 series of it and we both own all of it on DVD, including the 2 post series films, I don’t own the original film, Little Sister may, little sister do you own the film?

I’m on a SG-1 re-watch at the moment. I started last week when my back was bad and I’m still going, woo hoo!

Ok this writing malarkey is interrupting my series watching.

See Ya!


4 thoughts on “Stargate SG-1

  1. Little sister does not own the original film. Purely because Richard Dean Anderson is Jack in my mind now and I can’t watch kurt Russel in the part.

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