Stargate SG-1

Yeah, so, me and little sister have a slight obsession with Stargate SG-1. Little sister can literally quote certain episodes word for word.

As you may be aware I love Sci-Fi and fantasy and SG-1 is one of those Sci-Fi series which was incredibly entertaining and for the most part funny.

We watched the series when I was originally released, all 10 series of it and we both own all of it on DVD, including the 2 post series films, I don’t own the original film, Little Sister may, little sister do you own the film?

I’m on a SG-1 re-watch at the moment. I started last week when my back was bad and I’m still going, woo hoo!

Ok this writing malarkey is interrupting my series watching.

See Ya!



  1. Rach

    Little sister does not own the original film. Purely because Richard Dean Anderson is Jack in my mind now and I can’t watch kurt Russel in the part.

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