The Mansion House -Moving to Scotland part 2

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Yep, when my family and I first moved to Scotland we lived in a mansion, not kidding.

It had 3 30ft x 30ft living rooms, 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a pantry, a back pantry, kitchen, 30ft x 30ft double higher entrance hallway, 2 staircases, an east wing, a west wing, tennis courts, a 50ft long glass greenhouse, barns, stables and about 7 acres of ground, including a woodland and a half mile of drive.

We moved to Scotland when I was 14, grumpy and pretty unhappy at having to leave my home town and  this was probably the best place my parents could have picked to move to.

We went from living on a 1950’s housing estate to this! Wow.

When we first moved into the house I lived in the west wing, this was the furthest room away from everyone else in the house and had it’s own doorway and bathroom. However, it was creepy and I soon moved into the east wing, this also had it’s own hallway, front door, small living area, bathroom and bedroom. It wasn’t as far away from the rest of the family but still very, very private.

I eventually moved into the loft, this happened after my nana moved in and we gave her the east wing.

The loft had 3 rooms and 2 storage rooms, it’s own lockable front door and access directly onto the back staircase, I could literally go from my room to the kitchen via the back hallway without seeing anyone, according to teenage me, great, in fact according to adult me, great.

The featured picture is the house itself but I don’t have any pictures inside, I need to go to mums to raid her collection so I can try and show you the scale!

We had so many adventures in this house, we only lived there for 2 years but it felt like forever. We had a horse, pet sheep, built tree houses, rowed a small boat on the lake, had 4 Christmas trees, learned to pluck and gut pheasants, we went from townies to country bumpkins pretty quickly.

The hardest thing to get used to though was the noise, or lack of it. When your used to street lights and cars, pitch black and cows mooing is pretty hard to get used to. The first few weeks we were there none of us slept properly and kept getting woken up by cows! I find it difficult to sleep in a town now, I’ve lived in the countryside for so long.

Well that’s about it for the house, the adventures will take up a few more blog posts so you will just have to wait.

See Ya!




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