Christmas Gifts Galore

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This year I am making as many Christmas gifts as I can cause I’m skint.

I normally go completely OTT at Christmas and it ends up costing me a fortune. Si I thought this year I would put my skills to goof use and make lots of things.

I’ve made bath salts, candles, wax melts and Gin so far,  I have a lot of other things to make including a fishtank stand for my step dad and a sorting hat for little sister, don’t worry she already knows about it, I know I just can’t help myself.

As we all know I love making things and I am pretty handy with my hands, I up-cycled all of my office furniture and will be up-cycling a drawer unit I picked up for £35 at a local second hand store.

The fishtank stand is going to be Kraken themed, I wanted to do skulls but mum said no, although it’s a present for my step dad it is going to be living in their living-room so I had to check.

I need to start working on it soon as there is a lot to do with it, sanding, painting making the necessary reinforcements to the frame etc etc and then adding all of the finishing touches.

Because I work part-time I have enough free time in order to do all of this and I also have a month off starting on the 13th December so should be Ok for time.

I will be buying a few small presents for people but I’m trying to keep the spending to a minimum this year, we’ll see how that one goes shall we.

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  1. This sounds so amazing!! I’d love to read a post where you share how you make all these things. I mean, home-made Gin? Yes please! Bath salts? Perfect gift! You’re so creative!! And getting home-made gifts actually means way more than silly store bought ones anyway! Definitely can relate to the going OTT bit!!!

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