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So Dad… #1

So Dad… #1

…Bought a house.

Not an unusual thing for a grown up to do I hear you say, well…

Dad didn’t just buy a house, he bought a project. My dad is full of ideas, things he’s going to do or places he’s going to go and so he bought a fixer upper. Not a bad choice and certainly not a bad investment but I doubt that he will ever be finished with it.

He bought it in 2016 after having lived with me and hubby for 9 months, I don’t recommend living with your parents once you’ve moved out, ever.

This house was in pretty bad shape, it basically needed stripping out and starting fresh. Well dad being dad has tried to do everything with this house for as little money as possible, not that he doesn’t want to spend money but he has limited funds so understandable.

This has however meant my aunt and I doing a lot of the work and pushing dad to actually complete things. Very little gets done in dads house unless my and aunt or I are there to supervise him, I’m not kidding.

It’s no use asking little sister to supervise him cause they both get easily distracted by the piano or YouTube or generally faffing. Dad is a great faffer, that’s not even a word but I’m using it.

If dad can find something else to do other than the thing he is supposed to be doing, he will. He also has big plans, big plans! useless plans but big.

After 2 years of work the house still isn’t finished, it’s a damn site closer than it was when he bought it but it’s not finished.

He has 2 bedrooms, 2 livingrooms, a bathroom, one built in cupboard, a gap where there will eventually be an en-suite, a boiler room and a sort of kitchen.

The kitchen is the last room to be stripped and dad likes to spend a lot of time creating things in his kitchen, no not food, layouts.

He’s spent so much time working out and trying out layouts for his kitchen rather than just getting on with it!

Dad does need to put a back door in, he only has a front door and to get to his garage you have to walk all the way around the house, not ideal. So a back door would be very handy but we’ve also been talking about the back door for 2 years, until that’s in we can’t start the kitchen, as we would have to take all the debris all the way through the house to get rid of it.

Now my aunt and I have completed entire rooms in a week, I don’t just mean decorating them, I mean demolishing and re-building, re-wiring and then decorating, dad’s created an island unit from old cupboards some work top and some sticky back vinyl, sounds like blue peter but it’s true.

I used to get myself really worked up about it but I have finally accepted that it’s dads house and not my responsibility to finish it, plus he’s as happy as a pig in muck and does at least have half a house.

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