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I use Instagram all the time, like all the time.

I love taking and looking at photographs, my home office is full of photo’s in frames. So Instagram is like having a photo album in my pocket.

I take all of the photo’s on my Instagram on my phone and usually taken in about 2 seconds flat, I don’t have time to take hundreds of shots or edit them and why should I, I would forever know I’d edited it and that’s all I would be able to see, the edit.

I grew up using a proper camera, you know, huge bulky casing, actual film, waiting for a week whilst someone else developed your pictures and then finding you only had 2 usable images from a roll?

I don’t want to portray an edited version of myself or my life, so I don’t, it’s 100% me and 100% what I see and that’s it, the good, the bad and the ugly, or if you’re one of my dogs the really really really cute!

See Ya!


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    1. Oh I get that, I love playing around with the photos on my phone I just don’t post them. Sorry I wasn’t saying you shouldn’t at all, each to their own, I just don’t

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