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Read me a Story

Read me a Story

I love audiobooks, like love them.

I listen to audiobooks all the time and I re-listen to them all the time too.

Most of the books I have on audible are books I’ve read numerous times in actual book form and I love them. I listen to them when I’m working, getting ready, relaxing in the bath, gardening, pretty much anywhere.

Being read to is a beautiful thing, I only started reading when I was 19 because little sister read the first 10 chapters of Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone to me, so audiobooks are ideal.

Audiobooks allow me to work but ‘read’ at the same time and I do love to read. I’m pretty fixed it what I will read though, mostly fantasy and science fiction, it’s rare i’ll read anything else and I’m no different with Audiobooks, I will happily listen to fantasy and science fiction all day long but not a lot else.

I think I like fantasy so much because it’s an escape, the authors have done all the work and created worlds which are fascinating and beautiful and full of adventure, why wouldn’t you want to listen to that?

I have an audible subscription for my audiobooks, there are others out there and you don’t need a subscription to get audiobooks but given they can be pretty costly, audible works for me as I listen to at least 1 book a month and it’s all on my phone.

I was trying to figure out why I prefer listening to books rather than music, most people I know listen to music whilst they are working except my mum.

My mum used to listen to audiobooks when I was a child, back then you rented them from the library and you had at least 6 tapes for the whole book, mum still has some of her and our old children’s audiobooks and she still has a tape player to play them on.

So I clearly take after my mum on this one, I’d rather listen to an 8 hour story than a 3 minute one.

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