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Blondes have more fun

Blondes have more fun

I went blonde about 4ish months ago. I’ve had dark hair most of my life and started dyeing it when I was 13!

Since then my hair has been pretty much every dark colour, usually black with a streak of something, pink, blue, purple, red, blonde, my hair has seen a lot of colour in its life.

Now however, I’m blonde. This is mainly to disguise my grey. I started to get grey hair when I was 21, it started very slowly but now it’s everywhere.

Keeping my hair dark was becoming increasingly difficult and expensive, blonde is easier.

I’ve also found that I really like being blonde. I can wear colours I wouldn’t have worn before, I do more with my hair, I don’t wash it as often, a bit of dry shampoo and you can’t tell, it’s just a lot easier.

So, although it’s a cliche, blondes do have more fun, well I certainly do cause I’m not worried about seeing the grey anymore.

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