Trapped Nerves and Sleepless Nights

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I’ve spent the last few days pretty much in bed.

After my fantastically productive weekend and stupidly moving the little sisters motorbike, I’ve buggered my spine.

Now spine pain is nothing new for me. Having a hypermobile spine means I’ve dislocated it a number of times over the years and caused a fair amount of nerve damage.

I haven’t dislocated my spine this time I’ve just inflamed all the nerves, ouch.

So I’ve been spending lots of time either lying down or sitting, standing for too long increases the pressure so I can’t do it.

This pain also means I’ve been woken up, a lot. So sleeping whenever I’m tired has also been on my to do list this week.

I know in a few days this will calm down and I’ll be fine again, but, will I ever learn not to lift half a ton of motorbike just cause it’s pissing me off?

No, probably not

See Ya!

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