Sister Appreciation

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My little sister is the best human I know. She’s funny, supportive and my best friend. I know it sounds cheesy saying my sister is my best friend but she really is.

Little sister and I have had some adventures and great fun over the course of our lives. Pond dipping, hiding from helicopters in snow, owning many many pets and a million other things.

Many of my best memories involve my sister and I know that many of my best future memories will involve her as well.

Now I don’t physically see her as often as I used to, we’re busy people and have partners and families and lives, but we send a lot of whatsapp messages to each other. Some of you may remember this post Growing up in the 80’s #3 this is the kind of thing she does on a regular basis.

Her memory for events, films, music is amazing, ask her to remember an appointment however and you’re screwed. She loves computer games, football, animals, children, lego, Harry Potter, Star Wars and a massive amount of other stuff.

Now I’ve never wanted children but little sister does and at some point will be adopting and I can’t wait, I get to be Auntie Pippa and Auntie Pippa is awesome.

I’m very protective of little sister, hurt her and you have to face me, so just don’t, I’m not pleasant when a member of my family is hurting.

So to my little sister, I love you (barf) and to all little sisters out there you are amazing!

See Ya!


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