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Growing up in the 80’s #7

Ah School in the 80’s, bliss.

I know a lot of the time people look back on their childhood through rose tinted spectacles, and maybe there is a little of that here but I do think school during the 80’s was simpler, less pressure on the children and we didn’t have the technology we have now.

I started Primary School in 1985 at the grand old age of 4. My first day of school I walked into the classroom, sat on another girls jigsaw and introduced myself. I was very confident as a child and to a certain degree I still am, but when I was small I would literally talk to anyone about anything.

My nursery class teacher was called Mrs Potts, she was a lovely lady with grey hair and glasses, by the end of the 1st year she told my mum and dad ‘i think we’ve finally convinced Phillipa (me) that I’m the teacher and she’s the student’, I thought I knew everything!

As we went through school we moved classes and teachers. our school was pretty big so we had portacabins for some of the classes. Does anyone remember 1980’s portacabins? Freezing cold in winter and boiling hot in summer, they were never comfortable, not surprising really given that the walls were about 1cm thick!

We would play games at playtime, British Bulldog, Hopscotch, Red Rover, Tag, skipping and our playground was tarmac, yep not this lovely sqishy stuff you get now, you fell over on a school playground and you knew about it, certainly your knees did. I still have scars on my knees from scraping them as a child.

In summer we could play on the playing field, really imaginative name eh? One of our favourite things to do was handstands and cartwheels, although as we had a summer dress for our uniform you had to tuck the dress into your knickers to stop it falling and showing all the boys your underneath bits, eewwww boys!

Our classrooms had black boards and chalk in them, each day someone would be rota’d on to clean the blackboard, which was actually pretty fun because you could draw stuff all over it before you cleaned it.

We had school fares and Christmas plays, and until I was 29 I didn’t know that my Grandpa played Santa at the School Christmas fair! I was horrified, how could I not have known? Beetle drives were something else we used to have, I don’t know if anyone still has these?

Our primary school was very much the heart of our community and everyone seemed to join in, it certainly felt that way, mum was on the PTA, I went to school with all the kids from my street, we walked to school every morning and walked home every afternoon, except on a Tuesday when Mum would have been out shopping with Nana and then Nana would visit her friend Una who lived opposite the School.

Ah memories, I know I’ve painted a very idyllic picture there, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses, we had a couple of horrible teachers, school dinners were unmentionable, although I do miss school rice pudding sometimes and obviously the usual primary school fall outs and tantrums, but all in all I have good memories from primary School.

What was your primary school like?

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7 thoughts on “Growing up in the 80’s #7

  1. This was another great look into a terrific decade! I’m so glad to have grown up in a time where we had those kind of in the moment memories. I hope I’ve done that for my daughter & that she will have more memories than what the latest tech or gadget was!😀💛🤗

    1. I’m sure she will, memories are so important to me, my childhood has shaped who I am today and I think I would be very different if we’d had all the tech

  2. Pretty neat little parochial school in New Jersey P. I began kindergarten in ’80 so got the full flavor of the 80’s, graduating in 1988 before going off to high school. Fun times! Bad hair and bad clothes LOL. Best movies ever though.

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