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Fun days with Mum

Mum and I have a lot of fun together, by fun I mean crafting. Mum literally makes hundreds of things and her house is like a craft shop, full to bursting with supplies!

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I spent a fantastic day with mum dyeing fibres. We used cotton, linen, wool and others I can’t remember.

We had so much fun choosing colours and mixing them and then dyeing the hanks. We will use all of them for our various projects, so mum makes Dorset Buttons among other things and I make dreamcatchers.

Mum and I are lethal when let loose with yarn and beads, we come up with so many ideas, far too many for us to ever complete even if we had 3 life times.

Mums craft stash is enormous! she has everything you could ever think of and some stuff you’d never think of. I spent yesterday cleaning and organising mums garage so that her stash could be found more easily.

Part of the garage is for tool type stuff and my step dads motorbike and the rest is mums craft supplies that wouldn’t fit in her house. Well everything was all over the place and as I really enjoy spending time crafting with mum I felt we needed to sort it all out.

So now one end of her garage is storage for craft supplies and space to do mucky jobs like dyeing and the rest of the garage is garage stuff, great.

Tidying up the garage also means that mums craft room can be sorted out as well. Everything which can be stored in the garage will be moved and the rest organised in mums room properly, yay!

I love organising and tidying, it relaxes me and as mum regularly supplies me with items from her stash, this is my way of repaying her. Also, clearing some space and tidying things up means we can buy more stuff at next years craft fairs, oh dear, such a shame.

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3 thoughts on “Fun days with Mum

  1. I wish I had a craft stash like that!! i would love to get more crafty and creative!! cleaning up relaxes me too especially if it’s my own home. there’s something about it that makes me feel accomplished

    1. One day I will have as many craft supplies as my mum, it’s unreal how much she has. I love cleaning, I think it does make you feel like you’ve achieved something even when it hasn’t taken long.

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