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Moving to Scotland

Moving to Scotland

Nope, I’m not moving, I already live here but, I did move 23 years ago!

Back in the early 90’s my mum and dad owned and ran their own business. It started in our garage but soon grew and they needed to rent larger premises.

Now, I’m originally from Cheshire and property in Cheshire can be a bit pricey. Mum and dad felt it was time for a move and started looking for properties. They were looking at the south lakes and Lancashire initially but a property came on the market in South West Scotland so they went for it and boy what a property it was.

I was 14 at the time and the little sister was 10, we were not very happy about moving 200 miles away from all our friends and family, but at 14 and 10 we didn’t have much choice either.

We rented a mansion, yep a mansion. It had 40 rooms, 2 staircases, 4 living-rooms, 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, tennis courts, 7 acres of land and was in the middle of nowhere, well what felt like nowhere.

At the age of 15 I had my own flat, well it had a living room, a bedroom and it’s own front door and staircase, it didn’t have a bathroom, I had to use one of the other 6, oh shame.

Now it was hard moving, being 14 and hormonal and having never lived in the countryside it was a lot to get used to, but I did. Now i’d never want to live anywhere else, I love where I live, I love Scotland and having lived up here for most of my life and being married to a Scotsman I feel more Scottish than anything else now.

Little sister and I had some great adventures in the mansion but I think I’ll keep them for another post.

See Ya!


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  1. that sounds so amazing!! I have always wanted to visit Scotland! My mom’s side of the family is from there and my grandpa would visit all of the time! It’s on my bucket list to one day visit.

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