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Why do brits talk about the weather?

Why do brits talk about the weather?

Seriously, we’re obsessed!

Well I know I am. I find weather fascinating, I find mother nature fascinating in general but I think the weather in the UK is talked about so much because it can change in just a few hours. Certainly where I live in south west Scotland you can literally have 4 seasons in one day.

Sure we don’t get hurricanes or the likes but we do get some pretty viscous storms, extreme’s in temperature are a regular occurrence, and not just over the seasons but within days!

This summer we have seen days of 30 degrees Celsius, the last time we had a summer like this one was around 1995ish and was followed by a pretty bad winter. Beautiful, continuous summer, bliss but at the same we’re here on our little island wondering what winter is going to throw at us.

I love to watch the weather, I love watching rain come across the hills to the house, the change in light between clouds, fog, full sunshine and even the change between seasons. How the planet knows which season it’s in by the number of hours daylight and the temperature of the sea.

People talk about hating rain or wind or a particular season but it’s all just weather, all necessary for life, sure, cold windy rainy days are the worst, particularly when you have to go out but at the end of the day, it’s only weather.

Again, brits may need to take 2 coats, 3 jumpers and a brolly out with them ‘just in case’ and summer could mean jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt or a bikini, you just never know, but that’s what makes it brilliant and beautiful.

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  1. It sounds like your weather is like ours here in Pennsylvania. Always changing. One town might have sunshine while the town over the hill would have clouds and rain.

  2. American thing too, for sure. I chat weather because by schooling I am a meteorologist 😉 Sure didn’t go in that direction professionally though. Blogging allows for greater travel 🙂

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