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What is Spoon Theory?

What is Spoon Theory?

Spoon theory is a measure of energy used by people with a chronic illness.

Many people of have either a physical or mental illness may refer to themselves as a spoonie and you may see or hear things about it, but what is it?

Well in simple terms, each person has 12 spoons of energy per day, so a shower may use 2 spoons, walking the dog may use 4 spoons, each activity you do during the day has a spoon value. You can use spoons from tomorrow or next week or next month, but at some point you will run out of spoons.

The idea is to balance the spoons you have and the spoons you need, basically pacing but pacing isn’t fun to think about or explain, and as odd as it may seem, you tell someone with a chronic illness that they need to slow down or do less and 9 times our of 10 they’ll do more, that’s how I am anyway.

Spoon theory is a nicer way to think about pacing and for fellow spoonies it’s an easy thing to talk about.  So you need to balance your spoons and make sure that you allow for days when you don’t use many at all in order to rest it’s that simple.

Now I have to go and use a few spoons up and make batches of soup.

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