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So, Dad…

So, Dad…

Does lots of funny things.

That isn’t an exaggeration, he really does. This is a new series on the blog where I will talk about all the funny things my dad does.

Now, I love my dad, I’ve been a daddy’s girl my whole life and I’ve told my dad i’m doing this, which he’s fine with.

A little back story. My dad isn’t really like a dad, he’s more like your favourite uncle. He didn’t do discipline when we were younger he did fun, great when you’re a kid. We always knew that if we asked dad if we could do stuff first he’d say yes, so that’s what we did.

My mum and dad separated and got divorced when I was 24 and although at 24 I understood what was going on it didn’t make it any easier. I have to say though, my mum and dad are far better off apart. My mum is re-married to my step dad, who is much more of a traditional dad and my mum and him are very happy and we love him.

Back to dad. Over the years some crazy things have happened to dad and some horrible things. In 1999 he crashed a glider into a hill and broke his back, he wasn’t paralysed but he now has plates in his back. In 2014 he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, went through chemo and came out the other side, briefly resembling Voldemort during therapy, not even a joke. In 2015 his partner of 10 years died suddenly and in 2016 his dad, my grandpa died, a rough couple of years I think you’ll agree.

At 67 my dad is embracing life, he always has but we know more about it now, he’s also a dreamer, he has grand plans for everything and if something can be made more complicated, dad will find a way. I do worry about my dad and so I make a point of knowing where he’s going, plus being a daddy’s girl I just want to know what he’s up to.

So I hope you will all enjoy this new adventure, every story is true, some you really won’t believe and many will make you laugh, well they make me laugh. One thing to note, I have always taken the piss out of my dad, even when he’s been near death, if I didn’t he’d think there was something wrong, that’s just the way we are, so although some things may seem odd or heartless to you as a reader they’re not, I promise.

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