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Yes, I am doing blogtober this year. I’ve had writers block fro a while but thought planning something like blogtober might help me out of it and I was right. The creative juices are flowing and I have a lot of ideas for posts and new series.

So what is blogtober? It is simply a new blog post for of the 31 days of October. It isn’t a challenge set by anyone, more of a challenge to myself. I did a full month of blogging in May for Mental Health Awareness and I loved it. Since then my blogging has been a bit hit and miss so figured I’d try a full month again.

So here goes, 1st October 2018, day one, only 30 more to go!

I’m writing this on Saturday 29th September, mainly to try and give myself a head start on scheduling posts in the hope that I’m not writing on the day a post is due, we’ll see how that one goes though.

I hope you enjoy the next month of content, if you do please follow me either here on the blog or on any of the socials.

See Ya!


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