Christmas Gifts Galore

This year I am making as many Christmas gifts as I can cause I’m skint. 

I normally go completely OTT at Christmas and it ends up costing me a fortune. Si I thought this year I would put my skills to goof use and make lots of things. 


Nail Art

Now, this may come as a surprise I’m sure, I love nail art. Ok so not really a surprise given that I like anything which allows me to be creative.

I’ve always enjoyed painting my nails and I always have relativity long nails considering how much I use my hands. It was a friend of mine who got me into nail art a few years ago and since then I just can’t help myself.

Puppy Love

My dogs make me happy, like really happy. 

If I’ve had a bad day, or I’m not feeling well they are there, in fact their always there, like always. It’s like I have 2 dog shaped shadows all the time. If i’m at home the dogs are where I am to the point where they will sit outside the bathroom when I go to the loo or break into the bathroom when I have a bath.

So Dad… #1

…Bought a house.

Not an unusual thing for a grown up to do I hear you say, well…

Dad didn’t just buy a house, he bought a project. My dad is full of ideas, things he’s going to do or places he’s going to go and so he bought a fixer upper. Not a bad choice and certainly not a bad investment but I doubt that he will ever be finished with it. 


I use Instagram all the time, like all the time. 

I love taking and looking at photographs, my home office is full of photo’s in frames. So Instagram is like having a photo album in my pocket. 

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