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The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

I’ve been feeling very depressed recently, I’ve been out of my routine and that just hasn’t helped this particular bought. I have now managed to get my morning routine back in place, phew!

I’ve been having some trouble for a few weeks now but I am slowly starting to come out from under the fog. These things take time and understanding friends and family, fortunately I have those.

It would also seem that people generally are still understanding and kind, this always surprises me, it shouldn’t but it always does. So for those like me, cynical, here’s a little story time for you.

During a very low day I was contacted through Instagram by a very nice chap called Martin. Now, Martin doesn’t know me, we follow each other on Instagram but that’s it. We’ve never met or spoken until this particular Sunday.

I had posted a picture of my dogs lying on the sofa with me and the caption read ‘So my depression pretty much sucks right now, sofa cuddles with this pair make me feel better though’

That’s all, it didn’t say anything else. In response to this post, Martin sent this ‘Would a small little elephant for your key ring brighten your day?’ even this just brightened my Sunday and made me smile.

The next day I received a beautiful handmade key ring, pictured above! Martin just wanted to make someone smile, brighten someones day, nothing else.

Each time I look at the key ring I smile, yes it’s a very cute key ring and it has mine name on it spelt correctly, but someone sent this to me just to make me smile.

Kindness does still exist and you never know who may be affected by your kindness, even someone you don’t know.

Martin makes these key rings to order and they really are beautiful. If you can go and take a look through Martins Instagram profile and if you would like to order a key ring follow the instructions in his profile.

So, Martin, thank you, I’m still smiling.

See ya!



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