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I hate the sea, yes you read that correctly, although, hate is probably inaccurate. I love looking at the sea, I love being on the sand, I love looking at the creatures in the sea, I hate being in it or on it.

I don’t know what it is but I just don’t like it. I do get very sea sick on boats so that is a factor but it’s more a fear of whats in there that might eat me.

Now living in the UK there isn’t a lot that would do me any serious harm, a nasty sting maybe but not much worse but I just won’t go in it. I’ve been on a boat a handful of times in my life and again won’t get on one unless I really have to.

I love sea-life though. I don’t don’t how many times I’ve watched Blue Planet, the original series and any opportunity I get to go to a sea-life center I’m there! I’ve dragged Hubby to so many now and they always amaze me.

The featured picture was taken at Balloch Sea-life Centre in July. They have an octopus there and it was fascinating. I just love watching aquatic life, this is one reason I have 2 fish tanks at home. There is something so peaceful about them.

I’d like to live near the sea, not that I live that far away from water now, about 20 miles, but i’d really like to live right next to it, to hear the sea every day, watch the horizon change hourly – bliss. There isn’t a lot which makes me more relaxed, however, put me on the sea, or in it and I’m like a screaming banshee!

Oh well, I don’t have many irrational fears but open water sure is one of them.

See Ya!

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