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Adulting Sucks

Adulting Sucks

Seriously, who’d want to be an adult? I still don’t think of myself as the adult, I spend a lot of time looking for the adult and realising that it’s me. Paying bills, thinking about council tax, paying the tax man – that one really sucks, urgh.

This post came about because I was putting fuel in my car the other day and managed to block my own credit card, yep, I forgot the pin number. My brain no longer seems to be able to retain the information it once did, pin numbers, birthdays, telephone numbers, it all just seems to leak out and not come back.

The number of times I’ve forgotten my PIN number is shocking but I’ve never managed to block my own card until now, dumbass.

I hear people in their 20’s wishing they could be a teenager again, even my husband would quite happily go back to being in his 20’s and here’s me, 37, and I really wouldn’t thank you for sending me back in time, even with all the adult knowledge I have.

Yes being an adult sucks, but it also has benefits, you sometimes have money for example, you can drive a car, you can paint your bedroom whatever colour you want, hormones are far less severe and don’t always make you want to kill people, it tends to be stupidity which now makes me want to bash people over the head with my handbag.

This is another thing about being an adult, people seem to get more annoying the older you get, I can kinda understand why those over the age of 60 get really irritated at the younger generations and why the older generation does things slowly, their quite right, whats the rush?

Yes being younger you have more energy, you don’t groan getting out of a chair etc etc, but you also spend too much time wishing your life away, wishing you were somewhere or someone else. I’m quite happy with who and where I am, yes I have some chronic illnesses, yes they can be hard to live with, but no, I wouldn’t want to go back and be younger, or for anyone to take away anything about me. My life and experiences have made me who I am, the batshit crazy, dog loving hermit.

So, adulting sucks, we get that, but it can also be pretty great sometimes too.

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5 thoughts on “Adulting Sucks

  1. I would never wish myself back to my younger years. I am enjoying my life at 44. But I also look back at who I was and what I learned along the way and I love that. I come along a long hard road and I have a lot to be proud of 🙂 Yes, being an adult is hard and frustrating but it’s still a blessing <3

  2. I’ve never blocked my card, but I have come pretty close to it at times! Once I got down to the last try and I was in a right panic! 🙂 And I’m the same with other numbers too. Think my brains decided it doesn’t need them… 🙂 xxx

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