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Autumn is on it’s way

Autumn is on it’s way

I love Autumn, I’ve said this before, in fact in one of my very first blog posts, this one right here Autumn Baby

So you see, I have a long lasting love affair with Autumn. I do love all of the seasons but Autumn is my favourite. I’m definitely more of a cold person than a hot one. I prefer frost and clear, cold days to humidity and high temperatures and after the summer we’ve had this year I’m really looking forward to the colder seasons.

I’m not complaining about the heat, it’s been great to have an actual summer for once, we normally get around 2 weeks so 4 months has been amazing. I have a tan, I’ve been able to wear shorts and dresses and vests but I’m done, I’m ready to get back into my trousers and jumpers and boots.

The thing I love most about Autumn is the changes in mother nature. The berries start to ripen, the trees start to go to sleep, the plants set seed and die back. Heavy morning due settles on cobwebs and fragile plant frames, the swallows head back to Africa and things seem to become more peaceful, slower even.

At this time of year I don’t feed our garden birds, there’s enough food in the hedgerows for them but in about a months time I will start feeding them again, peanuts and suet, seeds and grain, this is one of the things I love about Autumn, the birds.

We see far more variety in Autumn, mainly because their leaf cover is disappearing along with their food source so their more likely to come to the feeders and we’re lucky enough to have a massive variety of birds where we live in Scotland, we even seem to have a pair of Red Kites moving in which seems to be annoying the local buzzards.

At this time of year I also start to gather and dry plants and herbs and collect seed from the garden plants for sowing next year and this is one of my all time favourite things to do. I use dried flowers and herbs for lots of things, decoration, homemade cosmetics, oils, smudging, yes I know cooking isn’t on that list but that’s because I don’t cook, hubby does (see what I did there?).

I just love everything about Autumn, yes even the rain and the early nights, everything changes so rapidly and there’s so much to take in and experience, it always amazes me.

Whats your favourite season?

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11 thoughts on “Autumn is on it’s way

  1. I love all seasons! but spring is my favourite as I plan what I grow and start sewing seeds (around the first of January! lol… I love summer for growing and harvesting! I love winter for my knitting and homecrafts! I love autumn for the tree colours and return of the birds to my garden!

  2. This is a lovely post and makes me look forward to some aspects of autumn. I think I like spring and summer the best if I’m honest but I love all the seasons for different reasons (hey poem idea 😂) I think we are really lucky in the UK to have such a contrast between seasons so if we get bored of one, it’s not very long until the next one comes along x

  3. I’m with u! It’s my favorite time of year! I love bonfires & that crisp air, hayrides. I’m so ready!!

  4. I love autumn. The changing trees are my favorite. We always go out for a drive as a family and check out the trees. They change so quickly here, so once you see one going they will all be changed and done in a week or so. Then winter happens, haha. Our autumns tend to be a bit short.

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