Growing up in the 80’s #5

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Hello All! Yes another 80’s post. This one however is fueled by a current news about junk food advertising, you can read the full story here:  BBC News

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s cereal, sweets, crisps, hell even supermarket layouts were aimed at children getting their parents to buy products. You got toys and collectibles in your cereal, remember those days? Fighting with your siblings about who got to open a new box of cereal first and therefore get the toy?

Everything was made with preservatives and e-numbers, sugar was not the devil and junk food was a treat, not a staple food. I remember getting my first ever MacDonalds and I loved it, we only ever got to go as a special treat in school holidays, flipping heck, fish fingers and chips was a treat in my house growing up.

We had homemade food, we also complained about this and loved going to our friends houses where we’d get ‘junk food’. Mum didn’t buy cakes, she made them and there was always left over night, that one night in the week where we ate whatever was in the fridge or mum would make a ‘surprise’! Usually the ‘surprise’ teas were the best but could never be replicated.

Yes food is expensive now, but it was also expensive in the 80’s, the big difference now is that fruits, vegetables and meat have become the expense not the ‘junk food’.

Companies aiming their advertising at children isn’t the problem. The problem is the supermarkets and food companies, taxes and VAT, basically the way our food stuffs are subsidised or not and then how they are priced to the customers. It’s then up to family’s and their own budgets as to what they can or can’t afford and what they want to eat.

Banning advertising for ‘junk food’ to children won’t stop them eating a mars bar, it doesn’t stop me just because I haven’t seen an ad for it. People will eat what they want and can afford and yes childhood obesity is a problem, you know what the solution to that one is? take away the tablets and computer games, throw the children outside to play!

I grew up in an era where technology just wasn’t a thing, we rode bikes, played blocky off, ran up the street to see our friends, practiced gymnastics on the garden swing, we drank water from the hose pipe, swam in rivers and lakes, ate mud for gods sake!

This may be controversial, but I don’t care, this is my blog so tough. Stop blaming the food companies, or the government, those are the same as they were 30 years ago and they will be the same in 30 years time, what isn’t the same is people and their attitudes. A smart phone isn’t a basic human right, a basic human right is being fed, having a roof over your head and being loved.

My mum and dad didn’t have much when we were growing up, we were still in the mend and make do phase and I still am, yes I buy new things, yes I have a smart phone, but you know what? I can live without them, I did it for 20 years from my 37 I think I’d survive. People will find ways to survive no matter what, sugar is not the enemy, decisions people make are.

oooh well will you look at that rant, i’ll shut up now, let the comments commence!

See Ya!

P.S I found some great retro sweets on Amazon, I’ve bought these in the past for my sister and my husband go check them out and if you do buy something I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. And apologies for all the exclamation marks.

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  1. I loved reading this post! So interesting. I had a similar upbringing with mainly healthy food and usually only had junk food at friend’s houses. I also spent most of my time on my bike and running around, no wonder I was so skinny then and now I struggle to lose weight! Smart phones really have changed us and I cannot imagine having one when I was a kid! I had to walk to people’s houses and ‘call on them’ by ringing the doorbell or ring their house phone and speak to their parents! Craziness! Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

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  2. I LOVE this Post! 💕 it really brings back memories, in fact I love your whole 80s childhood thing, (im halfway through no4 of my 70s one!) I don’t usually quote from a post so here’s a first:
    “I grew up in an era where technology just wasn’t a thing, we rode bikes, played blocky off, ran up the street to see our friends, practiced gymnastics on the garden swing, we drank water from the hose pipe, swam in rivers and lakes, ate mud for gods sake!”
    This is sooo my childhood, wow gymnastics on the swing 😀 and we had a climbing frame too, used to do all sorts on that!! Those were the days eh! I think we had a better and more enriched childhood with those simple things don’t you x

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  3. This was such a great post & really brought me back! We were taken care of by my grandmother during the summer & after breakfast u were sent outside to play & not allowed in except for lunch & to use the bathroom. 😁

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