Favourite bloggers part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of my favourite bloggers. I read a lot of blogs, like a lot and these guys are just brilliant, they write some fantastic content and make me laugh, cry, splutter my tea everywhere…

So here goes, go take a look at these awesome humans;

A Fierce Mind – Ashley’s blog is just beautiful, I don’t do crying but Ashley’s poetry and letters to her daughter can bring a tear to my eye. her blog is a collection of different posts as well as her poetry, things she’s done or experienced and it is so absorbing I could be there for hours.

Sun Rain and Tea in the Garden – Fiona has a lovely blog, she writes about all sorts of topics, lifestyle, jobs, advice, generally just lots and lots of lovely posts and really well written and insightful.

Addicted to Travel – So I don’t travel, I don’t even have a passport, dun dun duuun! So I love Kat’s blog and all her posts, I basically travel the globe with her, she just doesn’t know it. She also happens to have the coolest job, archaeology!

Victoria Austin – Victoria’s blog is a real mixture of lifestyle topics, very easy to read and puts a smile on my face, she also has a massive lipstick collection which just makes me love her more.

Pink Beret Girls – Jaleysa’s blog came from the set up of the Pink Beret Foundation, to read more about the foundation please do visit the site. Whether you are girl, lady, old lady, whatever, it doesn’t matter, Jaleysa will have something which will inspire and encourage you, talk about girl power, this is girl power plus!

And there you have it, part 2 complete, there will be a part 3, and probably 4 and 5 because I find new blogs I love all the time.

See ya!




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