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Month: July 2018

Growing up in the 80’s #3

Yes I’m posting another growing up in the 80’s blog, I grew up in that decade and I loved it. My family and I did so many amazing things in the 80’s and I have so many things to talk about that it’s difficult to narrow it down.

This morning I WhatsApp’d the little sister to ask her what I should write about next, I then went for a shower…


Break Over, Back to Blogging

I’ve had a blogging break this week, it was needed. My blogging habits have been a bit all over the place of late and the main reason for it? I needed to step back. 

Like many of my fellow bloggers I have a couple of other jobs, one part time working for a University and the other working for myself, well trying to anyway and sometimes you need to just take a step back. 

I don’t need anymore hobbies

Last Friday I had a great day with my mum and her craft group. We visited one of Mum’s friends who makes and sells needle felt pictures, and their brilliant! This day is all about having fun and having a go at new crafts and I have to say, it was great fun. 

Hot Hot Hot!

I’m not used to the temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately. The normal summer temp in South Scotland is around 20 – 23 degrees Celsius and we’ve been getting 28 – 30 for a good few weeks now. We also usually have rain and we’ve had none.


Last week I went on holiday with my friend and her son. We didn’t go far, just 20 miles from home to a caravan park on the Solway Coast. 

I love caravans, my grandparents had a tour’er when I was young and used to take it away regularly. If my sisters and I didn’t go with them, mum and dad would always take us out for the day to see them , particularly when they went to the Lake District. 

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