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Growing up in the 80’s #4

Growing up in the 80’s #4

Welcome to another stroll down memory lane. This post is going to look at my favourite 80’s movies, these are movies which were made and I watched as a child in the 80’s rather than 80’s movies in general as that’s a very very very very very long list and could take a lot of time.

In the last 80’s post, you can find that here my sister mentioned the film mannequin, well, I’m not actually the biggest fan of that film, dun dun dun! I have others which I love and I really wish people would stop re-making films, they were great the first time, stop messing with them!

So without further a-do, here are 10 of my favourite 80’s movies;

  1. Overboard 1987 – Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and Edward Herrmann, whats not to love. I love Goldie Hawn, I will literally watch anything she is in, but Overboard was a family favourite from the day it was released.
  2. The Goonies 1985 – Now this film was released the year my little sister was born and it used to scare the pants off me! If im really honest it still does, when they go down into the caves and find the ship, aarrrggghhhhh! Freaking love the Goonies.
  3. Top Gun 1986 – I first watched Top Gun at the very end of the 80,s when I was around 8-9, we rented it one night from the Holywood Nights video shop near my Nana’s. If i’m honest I didn’t really understand it when I was that age but it has remained a favourite of mine since, although when Goose dies I still cry.
  4. Dirty Dancing 1987 – Ahhh Dirty Dancing, who didn’t want to be Baby? Well I didn’t watch this film in the 80’s it was more early 90’s but I loved it! I got my mum to buy me white jeans just so I could dance around like baby. I hadn’t watched it for a few years until about 5 years ago and I actually couldn’t sit through it! It’s so rude! LMAO
  5. The Neverending Story 1984 – I adore this film, oh my goodness. I love everything about it, the way the story starts, the nothing, Falkor! Ah Falkor, I really wanted a Falkor, i just wanna give him a great big hug. Literally sitting hear singing the theme song as I type.
  6. Return of the Jedi 1983 – i was brought up on Return of the Jedi, literally, ,it was the only Star Wars film we had on video and we watched it none stop. I have since seen all of the films and I love every single one, you can never have enough Star Wars.
  7. Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 – This was another film mum and dad had on Video and we loved it. Oh to be a whip wielding archaeologist and get to explore ancient treasures, who cares if there are massive holes in the plot, it’s awesome.
  8. Ghostbusters 1984 – Who ya gonna call? Oh yeah, the theme of every 80’s Halloween party from 1984 on wards! Again, not going to lie, this always scared me a little bit, particularly some of the ghost graphics, in comparison to today’s CGI they were rubbish but back then they were great and particularly when you’re a child! I also loved the Ghostbusters Cartoon series which came out in 1986.
  9. Police Academy 1984 – This series was one of my Nana’s favourites and I thought they were so funny when I was a kid, I still think there funny now. There could have been no story line whatsoever and I would still find them funny.
  10. Labyrinth 1986 – Best Film Ever. I just love love love this film, not only did I think David Bowie was drop dead gorgeous as the goblin king but I also wanted to be Sarah, her bog flowy shirt and jeans, oh take me back now will you?

So there we have 10 80’s movies I watched in the 80’s. There are hundreds of other 80’s movies which I watched in the 90’s, 00’s and our latest decade, but these are just some of the films I grew up on. What was your favourite childhood film?

See Ya!



10 thoughts on “Growing up in the 80’s #4

  1. Dude… mannequin is the greatest movie of the 80’s and I will not rest until it gets the recognition it deserves!

  2. I’d like to add:
    – Teen Wolf

    At one point he dances on the top of a van while Surfin USA is playing and that’s a legendary scene in my opinion 😀
    Did you see it?

  3. Okay, I wasn’t born in the 80’s but Ghostbusters and Dirty Dancing are two of my favourite films plus my parents always talk about The Goonies! I have to say though my Dad introduced me to the film Some Kind Of Wonderful (1987) and it honestly has a special place in my heart – I cry every time I watch! x

  4. Oh wow I love Dirty Dancing ❤️ I think everyone wanted to be Baby! I love the bit near the end when they all do the same dance! Great post for bringing back memories Phigella 😀

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