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Growing up in the 80’s #3

Growing up in the 80’s #3

Yes I’m posting another growing up in the 80’s blog, I grew up in that decade and I loved it. My family and I did so many amazing things in the 80’s and I have so many things to talk about that it’s difficult to narrow it down.

This morning I WhatsApp’d the little sister to ask her what I should write about next, I then went for a shower…

49 messages later and I’ve finally stopped crying with laughter enough to write this. This particular post however is not going to focus on one particular topic, I will cover them all in future posts, rather, all 49 messages from my sister, enjoy!

Chasing down the ice cream van? How cool zap lollies were? Massive hair? Massive glasses? Rubiks cubes? My little ponys? Mickala strachen? Shell suits?
Blocky off? Camping in the garden? Chesney hawks?
Mannequin being the greatest 80’s movie ever?
Care bears? Thundercats?
Transformers? (Original)
80’s tv was amazing!
Having to get up to change the tv channel? Fighting over who had to go and do it?
Vacum on reverse into the bathtub? Bubbles bubbles everywhere!
Sea ponies?
Greatest theme tune ever
Call upon the sea ponies when you’re in distress!
Scaletrix? Mars bars were only 20p? Freddos, don’t even get me started on a freddo
That shit was 5p when we were kids!
Recording a song off the radio and then the presenter would talk over the end of it? Boom boxes? Having to physically go round to your friends house to see if they were home and wanted to play?
Digging a pond and then being pushed in the pond? Collecting frog spawn for the pond?
Going to see the caravan at cartmel?
The cold swimming pool in Cornwall?
Being chased by a peacock?
Being stood on by a horse?
Pogo sticks?
Teddy Ruxspin?
He man and she-ra?
Those ice lollies that were two lollies put together and it was like you got two for one, like a bonus ice lollie?
When it was scholastic book day at school?
Rainbow bright?
Those mad triangle things that only a few kids at school could make and it would tell you your future?
Pick a colour? Now pick a number? *elaborate hand movements
Didn’t account for being a lesbian though did it?
Rachael will marry tom!
Rachael won’t marry Tom little magic square of paper folded up. Rachael gonna grow up to be a massive gay, didn’t see that written in the magic triangle did we?!
Going to the video store on a Friday night?
Greatest day of the week!
Saturday morning cartoons?
Sunday afternoon specials on the BBC?
Pat benatar?
Referring to every single person and or thing as “dude”
I mean, dude should never have left really, people should still use dude
I still use dude
I called a stranger dude legit the other day
Just dude in general actually, you can substitute actual words with dude.
express anger “dude!” said in a ‘how could you manner’
Express happiness “aww duuude”
Enquire as to what the fuck someone is up to “dude?!”
Get somones attention “dude!”
The many uses of dude
Neon everything
Dude he-man and she-ra were brother and sister? Man I totally thought they were getting it on. That really changes things
When a flake 99 was actual 99p
I paid £2.50 for one last week! I nearly told her I didn’t want it anymore when she handed it to me and asked for the money.
I was like “oh no madam, I think you’re mistaken I asked for flake 99 not your deluxe ice cream treat”
Enjoy your 46 messages I have actual things to do now!

If you want someone to remember an appointment, little sister is not the person, if you want someone to remember random movie quotes or childhood memories, she’s your gal!

See Ya!



7 thoughts on “Growing up in the 80’s #3

  1. Haha this is a trip down memory lane for me. I enjoyed reading these and reminiscing. I was only telling my sister the other day how her kids have it so good now.. not having to wait to record their favourite song on the radio, not being tied down to a phone cord and having to talk to your friends where your whole family could hear, not having internet at all.. and when we finally got it, having to share a computer where everyone could hear you were logging on and nobody could use the phone because of you. Ahhh memories. ♥

  2. Love this Phigella!! It really brings back so many memories! Wow I remember not having a remote control for the Tv and arguing about how could be bothered to walk across the room to turn it over (about five feet prob.) We used to go and knock for this girl down our road and every day after school – and I mean EVERY – her mum would say “Nah not today.” So she didn’t get it much!! I don’t think I’ve bought a 99 since they were 99p! 🙂

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