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Break Over, Back to Blogging

Break Over, Back to Blogging

I’ve had a blogging break this week, it was needed. My blogging habits have been a bit all over the place of late and the main reason for it? I needed to step back.

Like many of my fellow bloggers I have a couple of other jobs, one part time working for a University and the other working for myself, well trying to anyway and sometimes you need to just take a step back.

For whatever reason I haven’t been feeling the blog for a few weeks and just decided to not blog this last week and it was good, I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to get back to it.

Most of the bloggers I know, if not all, blog because we enjoy it, if we can make a bit of money great, (fyi, I don’t make any money from blogging) but we’re not here for that, we want to share our experiences with whoever wants to read about them.

There are a million different blogs out there, covering thousands of different subjects, but they all have one thing in common, there written by people like you and me, human beings who have emotions, feelings, faces, hands, feet, hearts, real life people who have chosen to share their stories through a blog.

I have met some fantastic bloggers through Twitter and Instagram and they will always support other bloggers, they are the online blogger fam!

Now, I know after May I made a decision on my blog schedule, well that seems to have gone out the window and it’s going to stay there. You may know from my previous posts that i need a routine, this is very true, but I also have anxiety and to be honest, actually saying this is the schedule was making me anxious, so I’m getting rid of it.

I’ll blog when I want, or if I feel I have something to say, that might be every day, once a week, who knows! I know that a blog you like not having a schedule can be a bit annoying but if you follow my site or have subscribed you’ll get notified when I upload anyway, I also always post my new, and old posts on Twitter, and sometimes Instagram, although I just post a crap ton of stuff on Insta cause I love it.

What I’m really trying to say here is, it’s ok to have a break, it’s ok to look after yourself, and it’s ok to take time to feel ok, to everyone who has supported me thank you.

See Ya!




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