I don’t need anymore hobbies

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Last Friday I had a great day with my mum and her craft group. We visited one of Mum’s friends who makes and sells needle felt pictures, and their brilliant! This day is all about having fun and having a go at new crafts and I have to say, it was great fun.

We played with dispersed dye’s, powder dye’s and made our own needle felt pictures, mine is pictured on this blog.

I loved every minute of it and really, really enjoyed needle felting, so much so that I have asked mum for needle felting equipment for Christmas, oops. I really don’t need any new hobbies, I have enough, but it was really really relaxing.

I just love crafts, i love making things and letting the creative juices flowing. The only thing stopping me from starting anything new at the moment is my total lack of organisation.

I don’t know whether the current heatwave in the UK is getting to me or what but I am so un-organised! I haven’t been journalling or making my usual lists and I know in a few days time I’m going to get my self in a tiz because I’m disorganised.

Not being organised is the one thing which makes my anxiety go sky high! So my plan for tonight is to get myself organised, wish me luck.

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  1. This weather has sent everything out the window for me too, I actually made a to do list today for the first time in a few days, though I haven’t actually ticked anything off of it yet! Your needle felt design looks great.

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  2. Felting sounds neat. I want to get into crafting again at some point, but I haven’t decided what craft to start with. I suppose having too many crafting options can be a good thing, that way if you don’t feel like doing a particular thing then you have plenty of backup options. The heat may be the factor in your lack of organizing. It’s hard to want to do anything when it’s too hot out.

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  3. Craft is a great hobby to have very relaxing. Know it’s hard in this heat but maybe take a evening where you just organise yourself and your thoughts will make you feel so much happier

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  4. Felting sounds like a fun idea! I have never considered it before but your project looks great! I get the problem with not being organized for sure. Without my planner and journal everything dissolves into chaos around here. I am not sure if I can ever have too many hobbies though haha I tend to pick them up and put them down based on whatever I feel like doing at the moment lol

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