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Hot Hot Hot!

Hot Hot Hot!

I’m not used to the temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately. The normal summer temp in South Scotland is around 20 – 23 degrees Celsius and we’ve been getting 28 – 30 for a good few weeks now. We also usually have rain and we’ve had none.

I’m not complaining about it, well not really, or at least I’m trying not to (as she heads off into a rant about it),Β  it’s a long time since we’ve had a spell of hot weather, I’m just not used to it! Sleeping is tricky, so the blind is always closed in the bedroom and the windows open to try and keep it cool and deciding what to wear, especially to work can be a bit dicey, I think someone may have something to say if I sat in my office in a bikini!

But i have really been enjoying the weather, I have a great upper body tan, my midriff is still blue but hey ho and even my legs have some colour, the last time that happened was 1999 in Portugal!

However, being a chubby lady there are a couple things which I’m having to learn to cope with in the heat:

  1. Boob Sweat – Under boob sweat is a bit of an issue for anyone with big boobs but in this heat it’s unreal. I’ve taken to wearing colours which disguise the sweat and releasing the beasts from their cage (taking off my bra) whenever possible. Now compared to some my boobs aren’t that big so I dread to think what anyone with anything bigger than an F is going through. My thoughts are with you ladies.
  2. Chub Rub – loads of people suffer with chub rub, even the skinniest of people suffer but I’ve never been one to wear shorts or skirts without tights etc so it’s a new struggle for me. I’ve started using mitchum roll on antiperspirant on my inner thighs, wait for it to dry and your good to go, really helps. There are other remedies, you can buy cream for it, or wear cycling shorts under everything to stop it, but it’s too hot for more layers so mitchum it is.

I won’t start on the downstairs lady bits problems, cause you know, ewwww, but I can tell you the struggle is real!

Aside from these little annoyances the weather is beautiful and it’s set to continue, the garden is doing well considering we’ve had no rain and I’m generally feeling pretty positive. I’ve been a bit out of sorts this week but that’s because I had a tooth out on Monday and I never cope well with that.

Hope your all enjoying your weather wherever you are, Happy Canada Day to my Canadian followers and Happy Independence Day to my US followers.

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