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Last week I went on holiday with my friend and her son. We didn’t go far, just 20 miles from home to a caravan park on the Solway Coast.

I love caravans, my grandparents had a tour’er when I was young and used to take it away regularly. If my sisters and I didn’t go with them, mum and dad would always take us out for the day to see them , particularly when they went to the Lake District.

The caravan we had last week was a large static, it was spacious and well equip’t but what really made the holiday was the weather. The UK is currently experiencing a heat wave and we had a week of 29 degrees Celsius and wall to wall sunshine and a 10 minute walk to the beach, lovely.

Now I don’t like the sea, well being on it anyway, there’s stuff in there that will eat you! I do love being next to it though. It’s just so peaceful and beautiful and changes all the time. We collected many, many shells and nice looking stones, including a very large rock! We found crabs and watched birds, we even had a BBQ on the beach!

It was a really good holiday and I feel re-charged, who needs to go abroad when your weather is like this!

We’re still in the heatwave, it’s not quite as hot this week but still lovely and very, very summery. So far this is the hotest summer I can remember since 1995! I really do hope it continues, our summers have been very short for a few years now and our winters long and wet, we were due for some decent sunshine.

However, high temperatures bring their own problems, particularly if you’re a chubby girl or have big boobs, but that’s a post for later in the week.

See ya!


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