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3 Quotes, 1 Challenge – Day 2!

3 Quotes, 1 Challenge – Day 2!

Welcome to day 2 of this challenge, I’m probably on the beach right now on the costa del solway!

So this week I’m going to be answering the 3 quotes, 1 challenge for a bit of fun. Thank you to just a nervous girl for nominating me to do this, I’ve had a lot of fun thinking of my favourite quotes!


• Thank the person who nominated you.

• Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).

• Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

Quote of the Day

I just love this quote and it’s so true. I have a handful of really close friends and we can not see each other for months on end then when we do get together it’s like we’ve never been apart. That’s what true friendship should be, it shouldn’t matter how many times you see each other, if your friends love and appreciate you for you they will still be there not matter what happens.

So there we have day 2, oooh deep!  Make sure you go and check out these awesome humans below, great blogs and great people!
My Nominees

  • BeardedIgorBlogs  – Funny guy and a great blog. A little like my own there are some short, long, funny etc but there’s always something for everyone!
  • Iminmyhappyplace – Ahhhhh this blog makes me soooo happy! also her twitter and Instagram. If you need a pick me up go check her out.
  • and lastly today llamapunch – A fellow free spirit and confidence booster. If you need to look after yourself or your feeling a bit crap go have a read, her writing is beautiful and just makes you feel better and as though your not alone.

No one has to take part in this challenge if they don’t wish to, I thought this would be a bit of fun for the week i’m on holiday and the people I am nominating are just the best!


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