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Finding Beauty in the Old

Finding Beauty in the Old

I find items like the van pictured really fascinating. I find museums fascinating. I think about all the things which have been invented over the last 100 years fascinating.

It blows my mind that human beings can invent and imagine any number of fantastic things, cars, phones, trainers, camera’s, roads, lip balm! you think of anything you use on a daily basis and how that invention came about, how did someone come up with a stapler?

For a race with so much imagination it is seriously lacking when it comes to the human form.

I have some small issues with body image, stemming from being bullied as a child for being ‘fat’, when my brain gets anxious I automatically associate my worth with the way that I look, right now I feel very worthless and therefore, according to my brain, i’m worth less than nothing.

Now i’m not exactly thin but I’m also not the size of a house, and to be honest what would it matter if I was? Would it change my personality or who I am deep down? No, so why should being super skinny make a difference? No offense to any skinny people out there.

The idea of beauty has changed over the centuries and right now, that image has to be Instagram worthy or it’s just not acceptable. So if you have a freckle, cellulite, a big nose, glasses, whatever it may be, if it’s not currently on trend then it’s wrong??

The issues with body image I have are not because of the media but they’re certainly not helped by it. I don’t fit into any bracket, so just don’t fit at all when my brain is this way. My style is my own, sometimes I wear makeup, sometimes I don’t, I don’t follow fashion, if I like it I wear it end of.

I know that these particular thoughts will pass and I’ll be fine but part of the reason for writing this post is a) to get it out of my head and stop me dwelling and b) so others may know that whatever shape, size, gender, colour – none of it matters, not really, not to the people who you want in your life and deserve to be there and if anything about you does bother them, well tough, you just keep doing you with a cherry on x

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4 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in the Old

  1. Thanks for sharing, I agree that comparing yourself to everyone on Instagram can be exhausting. Comparing ourselves is honestly not a good thing because everyone is so different.

  2. I love this post Phigella it’s really positive. You’re totally right we should be able to wear what we want (actually I do, I’m like you, I don’t follow fashion!) we should be able to wear make up or not and sod everyone else snd what they think about us. There is pressure but hopefully one day that will be reversed!
    By the way don’t feel you are worthless, you’re not! You are fab and amazing and totally worth it! 😀

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