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My Favourite Tattoo Care Products

My Favourite Tattoo Care Products

So I love tattoos, I think we may have established that. I get tattoos that I love, some are planned, others aren’t, some have meanings and some don’t. I wanted tattoos when I was a teenager but I was far to scared to take the plunge and I didn’t have any until I was in my 30’s! Hubby calls it my midlife crisis.

I call it, life’s too short. Having dealt with both of my parents being diagnosed with cancer and my Grandpa passing away, not to mention my own health taking a turn for the worse I decided that life was far too short for what ifs or regrets.

I have 8 tattoos, however one of those is the whole of my lower right leg and is made up of 5 separate pieces with 2 more to go, and I ain’t stopping there. I’ve got the bug now!

I have a particular cleaning and care routine which works for me, I’ve tried variations and this is the best for my body and my skin, but know you’re own skin and body and each tattoo artist will recommend the best way of looking after your tattoo and I would always take their advice over anyone else’s, so if you’re getting a tattoo listen to the artist.

Before you leave your tattoo artist they will wrap your tattoo, usually with clingfilm but sometimes with second skin products which you leave on.

Once the cling has been over the tattoo for about 3 hours, depending on it’s size, I take the clingfilm off and clean the tattoo. This bit is gross! the tattoo will be covered in slimy plasma and blood and it feels disgusting, but also really good at the same time.

I use luke warm water and Tattoo Goo aftercare soap. This stuff is amazing, it just helps your tattoo to feel super clean but moisturised at the same time. You only need the tiniest amount as it does go along way.

Once the tattoo is clean, I pat it dry with a soft towel and then moisturise with Tattoo Goo aftercare lotion.

Again you only need a small amount as it goes a long way! I then leave the tattoo uncovered. Depending on where it is I may cover the tattoo for a few days, I covered my shoulder tattoo for about 4 nights after I had that done but left it uncovered through the day.

I’ll continue with this cleaning routine for around a week, twice a day and then switch out the aftercare soap for my normal shower gel, remember to wash the tattoo gently until it has finished its scabbing stage. I will also moisturise my tattoos another couple of times throughout the day, particularly during the scabby itchy stage, don’t scratch off the scab or you’ll ruin your tattoo.

I have found the Tattoo Goo products to aid healing and reduce the scabbing and flaking of a tattoo, it also seems to help the tattoo retain it’s colour and vibrancy. I’ve used other methods and my tattoos have taken much longer to heal. One of the tattoos I had done in April is still healing as I’d ran out of Tattoo Goo and had to use another method.

I’m having my lower leg sleeve finished on Friday this week and have stocked up in preparation! I can’t wait, my leg has been in production for almost 2 years now and I’m so excited to have it finished, you can expect another tattoo blog post Friday.

See Ya!


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