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This or That Challenge

This or That Challenge

I was tagged for this challenge by Fiona from Sunshine, Raindrops and Tea in the Garden, Fiona’s Blog is a little like mine, a more personal adventure in life, but Fiona has a few other things thrown in as well, reviews, products, really excellent advice. If you can go and give Fiona’s blog a read and a follow, Thanks Fiona!

The This or That challenge, is precisely that, you answer This or That. This is different to the usual awards because you have options to choose from, it’s not just a question and answer!

Warning: I may ramble, sorry.

1: Shower in the morning or evening?

In the Morning, wakes me up and makes me feel fresh, although, if it’s hot and I’ve been in the garden all day I’ll shower in the evening too. (phew one question down and my answer was only a sentence).

2: City centre or close to nature?

Nature, definitely nature, I don’t mind visiting the city but I couldn’t live in one, there are way too many people and things going on. (ooh look another short answer)

3: Bright colours or neutrals?

oooh, that’s hard. I love bright colours but I tend to favour neutrals in my home and in what I wear, but I love a pop of bright colour, I used to have bright pink hair. My home office is bright though, Hubby calls it busy LMAO, the rest of the house is pretty neutral though, can I be a combination of the two?

4: Spring or Autumn?

Don’t make me choose! OMG, I love every season for their own reasons, one of my first blog posts was about autumn and how much I love it but I love Spring and Summer and Winter, after a while I get fed up and want the next season but I literally love them all. I love Rain, Snow, Wind, Sun, Sleet, ok well maybe not sleet, who does like that, but I like them all. I just like weather, how can I not I live in the UK, well Scotland and we can quite literally get 4 seasons in one day.

5: Mint or cinnamon?

Mint, mint and some more mint!

6: Planned or spontaneous?

Planned, oh my goodness planned. Spontaneity is not my thing, I just can’t do it. I need to know where I’m going, what I’m doing and how or my anxiety goes through the roof! I literally plan everything, Hubby hates it.

7: A movie at home or at the cinema?

At home, I’m a home bird, it’s rare for me to go out for anything and with modern technology you can watch new films at home anyway.

8: Espresso or latte?

Latte, I’d be high as a kite if I had an espresso, at least with a latter it take a while to drink it.

9: Hugs or kisses?

Hmmmm, I’d say hugs.

10: spicy or mild food?

Got to be spicy, I love spicy food, it’s the flavours you get. I don’t want hot spicy, like burn your mouth off, but spicy is always good.

11: Leather or lace

How about leather with lace? Can that be an option? I would probably say lace if I had to, just because it’s a tiny bit more feminine most of the time but I love a good leather jacket and I have some pleather trousers which I love!

12: Overdressed or underdressed?

Overdressed, I would always rather be overdressed for a situation than under and feel scruffy, not that I mind being scruffy at all, I spend half my life being scruffy but if I were going somewhere then overdressed always.

Question 13: Adventure or comfort?

Comfort always! Again, home bird, I like being at home in my comfort zone, I like eating comfort food and I like wearing comfortable clothes, comfort, comfort, comfort 🙂

14: TV series or movie?

TV series, I’m much more of a telly kinda girl than a film, I have to be in the mood for a movie and I don’t often watch new ones, I love watching the films that I know I love. New films for me tend to be watched on the recommendation of my sister, unless its a marvel film, transformers or star wars.

15: Rock or country music?

This is quite hard for me because I love both, I like any music with a beat and a melody and something I can sing along to. I suppose if I had to choose I’d say rock, some queen or AC/DC would be good.

16: Red or white wine?

Neither, I don’t drink and on the rare occasions I do it’s beer or cider, or a good espresso martini.

17: Working alone or in a team?

A team. Despite the fact that I like to be alone a lot of the time, working on your own all the time is very isolating and can make you feel terrible. I do work alone a lot and I have my own office, but I also work as part of a wider team in my day job and I know there are other people there.

18: Swimming or sunbathing?

By swimming, do you mean actual swimming or underwater handstands? If it’s the latter swimming, if the former sunbathing!

19: Fast food or sit-down restaurant?

Fast food! Take the food away and eat it somewhere i’m comfortable. Going out for a meal is ok but I’d rather not sit somewhere there are lots of other people.

20: Matched or mismatched socks?

Matched! mismatched would freak me out.

21: Dancing or singing?

Singing, I can’t dance to save myself, I can’t sing either but i like it better.

22: Phone or the internet?

Internet, it has to be, the only people I actually talk to on the phone are my mum and dad really, I just don’t like it, never have. I’d much rather message or whatsapp someone. Have you noticed the theme here? How little human interaction can I have in one day!

This was a really fun challenge to do so thanks again to Fiona for nominating me. I challenge any of my readers who would like to have a go to do so! and I may nominate some of my Twitter fam, just cause I’m nosey.



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  1. Yay that was interesting reading your answers! Do you still do handstands at the swimming pool? I haven’t done that in ages, I go swimming on my own though so if I did start doing handstands people might think I’m a bit weird 😂. It’s funny how many of us can’t stand mismatched socks – that’s just so wrong isn’t it?

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