How not to train your german shepherd and other life lessons

Month: May 2018

I can’t sleep

This post will go live on Monday at 10am BST, however, it is being written on Sunday at 11.13pm BST (I’m normally asleep by 9.30pm) because I can’t sleep.

Hubby and I had a great weekend away and we were so tired when we got home this afternoon that we fell asleep for about 3 hours, worst thing ever. 


Fuel for Thought

This post was going to be called, ‘you are what you eat’, however, Anita over at Discovering Your Happiness, beat me to it. If you can, go and read Anita’s post on this subject because it’s just so true, and so important if you have any health condition. 

I have a few health conditions, really I should just live in a bubble and have done. I have both mental and physical conditions. 

Weekend Adventures!

This weekend, hubby and I are off on a short adventure. 

We’re visiting a friend in North East England on Saturday and then heading to Alnwick for a nights stay in a 17th century farmhouse. 

Blog Schedule

Having blogged everyday so far in May for Mental Health Awareness Month (14 more days to go), I have been thinking about my blog schedule going forward. 

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