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Pets, Pets and a few more Pets!

Pets, Pets and a few more Pets!

I was lucky as a child to be part of an animal loving family. We’ve had so many pets over the years, hamsters, gerbils, fish, dogs, cats, horses, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, horses, even a sheep!

I’m not kidding, we had a sheep, well to be more precise my sister had a sheep called Trixy, she was an orphan lamb given to her by the farmer who lived next door and she was hand reared, little sister was 10 when this happen, can you imagine?

We lived on a housing estate in the middle of a town until I was 14, little sis was 10 and then we moved to Scotland. We’d always had pets but this was the first sheep.

Since I was a child my family always had animals of some variety, and never just 1. My mum now has 1 dog and she’s in her late 60’s! Her other dogs passed away over a year ago.

Little sister currently has 2 dogs, a cat, tropical fish and 3 chickens, the chickens have the best names in the world, Game of Thrones, Fat Tina and Chad Michaels LMAO.

I have 2 dogs, tropical fish and goldfish but I used to have 29 rabbits, yep 29. I used to rescue them and over the years have had more than 200! When Hubby and I got married I had 29 rabbits, a chinchilla and 2 rats.

There are lots of animals I would still like to have but I’m not always capable of looking after them with my joint issues, so I’ve had to reduce them down over the last few years. I’m also allergic to a lot of animals,  cats especially, but pretty much anything which produces dander and I’m off, sneezing and coughing, I’m allergic to my dogs but not so badly that I wouldn’t have them.

Dogs are my favourite though, we’ve had a lot over the years, 7 family dogs and then I have had 4 and my sister 2 after we left home and mum another 2, 15 dogs between us!

And I’d have more, I’m still trying to persuade hubby that a third dog isn’t a bad idea, I’m not getting anywhere though, I’ll have to keep trying, after all, I’m the one who trains them and walks them etc, they don’t listen to a word I say but at least I put the work in.

I just love animals, they don’t judge, they all have their own personality and they love you unconditionally, well cats don’t but their trying to take over the world so…



6 thoughts on “Pets, Pets and a few more Pets!

  1. Aww you are so lucky to have been brought up with so many amazing animals. I’m so jealous my parents wouldn’t let me have any as a child so I made up for it when I got my own house and have had so many pets over the last 12 years and right now we have our whippet, cat, ball python, two tarantulas a crested gecko and 3 giant African land snails quite the zoo lol xo

  2. I grew up in an animal loving family as well. We never had a sheep but I had a goat named Lollipop! She was amazing and fun. We also had dogs, cats, fish, horses, chickens and a plethora of small animals. Now as an adult I only have one dog, fish and chickens. My daughter has a budgie. Hopefully someday we will live where we can have more haha.

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