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Star Wars!

Star Wars!

Oh Yeah, massive star wars fan right here. I was brought up on Star Wars, well to be precise the Return of the Jedi as that was the only film we had on video.

Mum and Dad were massive star wars fans and recorded Return of the Jedi, so it was the one we watched most when we were younger.

I didn’t really get into the rest of the films until i was a teenager, probably just before the next trilogy came out on video. Now however I am a frickin star wars geek and I love it.

I will watch all of the movies regularly and I think the new ones are fantastic, particularly rogue one, absolutely love it! I can’t wait to see Solo, Hans Solo being one of my favourite characters, Solo and Vader, hell yes!

My dad and sister decided to scar the pants off me one day by dressing up as Vader and hiding behind a door. When I got home from work y sister jumped out at me and I screamed and ran into the garden! That is a true story. I also made Hubby go to a star wars exhibition once and they had Vader in a darkened room with the breathing noise going and I couldn’t go in, it was so scary LOL.

I have photo’s from that exhibition, I only wish I’d had a digital camera at the time, I was still using my actual film camera, so the pictures aren’t bad, their just not as good as ones I could take now.

Ah Star Wars, ok i’m off to watch them now, I’ve given myself the urge.



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  1. I love Star Wars too, I remember going to see the first one at the cinema with my Gran and my sister when I was little! I keep telling myself I’d love to watch the whole lot of them all again, one after the other (over a few days obvs) but I don’t seem to get the time! (Still haven’t seen the most recent one yet though 😱)

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