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Holly Dog

Holly Dog

Let me properly introduce you to Holly, our 3 year old Samoyed cross.

For all her sweetness and butter wouldn’t melt looks she can be a holy terror.

We adopted Holly when she was 5 months old, she came from an abusive home and had learnt to make herself very quiet and small so that she wasn’t noticed. She also has anxiety about certain loud noises and being left, we thought we could get her out of these so went about training her as we have out other dogs, eeerrrrr mistake!

Within the first month Holly had eaten the majority of our livingroom furniture and wouldn’t sleep through the night unless someone slept near her. We crate trained her so when we were out she had a safe place to go and our furniture wouldn’t be in the firing line, but she would not stay in it over night, she howled like a wolf.

Eventually we gave in and got her to sleep on a bed in our bedroom, ah at last a peaceful nights sleep. Sam has never slept in our bedroom, he has always preferred the living-room, until recently, he also decided he wanted to sleep where we are.

So everything started to settle down, I took holly to training classes, and having been involved in dog training for a while, trained her at home as well.

She got better and better and less anxious about some things but still got terrified of thunder, wind, loud bangs, anything unusual and it’s probably something we will never get her out of.

She is now a very happy, healthy and in your face, fun loving dog. She is the sweetest thing and knows exactly how to push everyone’s buttons. Everyone she meets wants to pet her and talk to her and she has got the innocent puppy face down to a T.

She still has her bad habits, running away in the field cause this bush is much more interesting, escaping from the garden every few months once she has found a new route, sneaking onto the foot of the bed in the middle of the night but in spite of those minor, heart attack inducing habits, we love her.

She’s a little less my dog than Sam is, but she still wants to know where I am and will still follow me around the house, she just knows that Hubby will give her literally anything she wants, she has him wrapped around her little paw! He’s even managed to teach her to speak, worst thing ever, from a dog who never made noise ever, to one who talks to you when she wants something, we already have one talking dog, I didn’t really need 2!


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